Ticket Onward is the best onward ticket provider. We issue ticket reservations and offer ticket rental services for savvy travellers like you who need proof of onward travel to show immigration whenever travelling abroad.


Provide us with your complete details, a copy of your passport, desired date of travel, departure and arrival airports.


Receive the copy of Ticket Onward via email. Present upon arrival.


Open everyday to accommodate customer inquiries and urgent concerns.
We value YOU. We want to make sure you can travel stress-free or your money back.

TL;DR: Travel with a peace of mind and stress-free with Ticket Onward as an addition to your travel documents and a proof of onward travel to your dream destination

Why is it a good idea to have a Ticket Onward?

Do you like travelling spontaneously–no itinerary, no exact return date, no single destination?

Are you a backpacker going on a long-haul trip?

Applying for a visa and need more documents to support your application?

Got an opportunity to work abroad?

If you found yourself nodding to at least one of these, then consider Ticket Onward as part of your travel checklist.

Standard travel policies require incoming tourists to have a return ticket upon arrival in the host country. Presenting only a one-way ticket to immigration officers is risky because there is a big chance you might be denied entry.

Instead of going through the inconvenience (and hefty price of a round trip ticket!) of going back to your country of residence only to leave again just to follow immigration policies, why not purchase a reserved ticket or rent a flight ticket for a more affordable fee?

Ticket Onward is a professionally processed ticket reservation fit for perpetual travellers who need to provide proof of travel for their trips. It can be used to supplement travel documents for immigration and visa applications. You get to save more by purchasing a Ticket Onward rather than buying a two-way ticket that you will just end up not using.

Long story short:

Experience the convenience of onward travel with Ticket Onward as part of your supporting travel documents.

What do I need a Ticket Onward for?

Not everyone travels with a fixed itinerary. Some prefer to go on a trip with no definite duration, destination or plan in mind. Have a proof of travel on hand when you face immigration.

Ticket Onward is your ticket to see more of the world!

How to book a Ticket Onward?

There’s no need to stress. Booking a Ticket Onward is a 3-step process!


  1. Complete the booking form with your details
    • Title
    • Full name
    • Email address
    • Copy of your passport (.jpg, .png or .pdf formats are accepted)
    • Intended date and time of departure**
    • Country of departure with airport code
    • Country of arrival with airport code
  2. Check your email for the PDF file** of TicketOnward
  3. Save a hard copy (printed document) or soft copy (digital document in your phone or tablet)


*It’s best to book at least 48 hours before your intended time of departure to assure availability and convenience

**We will have to check your submitted details first before sending your Ticket Onward. Once information has been verified and payment is cleared, your TicketOnward will be confirmed.


Worry less, travel more with TicketOnward. Don’t waste your time stressing over the little details of your trip. Leave that to us, so you focus on enjoying your vacation.

Ticket Onward is your quick, fuss-free solution to comply with the travel policies around the world!


We work hard to provide punctual services but to avoid delays due to processing or unforeseen circumstances, please book within our office hours (9 am-8 pm GMT/UTC +8) and at least 48 hours before your flight.

Although rush delivery is offered for 1 hour to 24 hours from the time of purchase, we do not advise booking the last minute. If you have yet to decide on the delivery date, you can still book your Ticket Onward ahead and just select the “I want to deliver on a specific date” option. See the options on our booking form.

A Ticket Onward is a ticket reservation or ticket rental that can serve as proof of travel. It looks something like this sample.

Included in the list of documents required for travel is a flight ticket. You must be able to present one upon arrival at immigration. Having a Ticket Onward, considered a reserved flexible ticket, serves as additional proof, along with other travel documents, to support your onward travel. This is useful especially for perpetual travellers who intend to visit multiple countries and do not have an exact return date or itinerary. Ticket Onward is valid for use within 72 hours or 3 days.

It sure is tempting with all the free photo editing tools and apps available, but remember, that is considered a forgery of a document. Immigration officers can easily spot this at first look. If you get caught, you can be…

a) forced to buy an expensive ticket at the last minute,

b) denied from travelling,

c) or even deported

So why risk all these when you can just book a legitimate Ticket Onward and travel worry-free?

The format used by some airlines is as follows:

[space] LastName / FirstNameMiddleName [space] Title.

For example, Mr. John Anthony von Traveloffen will appear as vonTraveloffen/JohnAnthony Mr”

Book within our office hours (9 am-8 pm GMT/UTC +8), and your order will be immediately put on queue for processing. Please wait 24 hours–at the most–for us to review your booking. Don’t worry, we’re open everyday to accommodate your orders and other urgent concerns.

Unfortunately, we only take rush orders during office hours (9 am-8 pm GMT/UTC +8). Bookings beyond this time will be processed the following day. We recommend placing your orders at least 2 days early.

If you booked early but we failed to deliver on time, we will process your refund. We highly value our customers, and we do our best to provide quality and reliable services.

The TicketOnward issued to you is considered a reserved flexible ticket. This means that because it’s only a ticket reservation, airlines do not consider this as a confirmed ticket yet. Airline companies know that 80% of reserved flexible ticketsoften get cancelled. Passenger information will therefore be unavailable for the indicated flight.

If you wish to turn your Ticket Onward into a confirmed ticket, we can take care of that for you too. However, we do not recommend doing this and should only be considered as a last resort.

Unfortunately, once your TicketOnward has been processed and confirmed, we can no longer accommodate any request for changes. Make sure to triple check all information before submitting your booking.

If for some unexpected reason, your requested route will be unavailable, we will still issue your Ticket Onward using your chosen departure flight enroute to another available destination.

For example, you booked a roundtrip Ticket Onward from Vietnam to Sweden but our partner airlines do not cover this route, we will issue you a Vietnam to Malaysia route instead. There is no need to panic though since the Ticket Onward will still work the same.

Don’t worry! We also accept credit and debit cards.


Yes, we could do that for you too. Should you need a confirmed ticket other than the Ticket Onward we issued for proof, you have the option to purchase it as a flight ticket for the amount at the time of booking.

This confirmed ticket is an actual flight ticket for your planned travel. To convert your Ticket Onward, you must provide us with your basic information, departure and destination countries, and a copy of your passport. We will soon send you an email containing the invoice of the total amount including processing fee and instructions to assist you for your trip.

Your TicketOnward is considered non-refundable once its status has been changed to delivered. If you have concerns, feel free to send us a message.

No worries because once you’ve accomplished the booking form, your shared details and information will notbe stored in our system as mandated by GDPR. Should you want us to keep a record, you can let us know through email.