Buying the the best onward ticket is simple

Ticket Onward is the best onward ticket rental service. We offer you international dummy ticket solutions (travel itineraries) with your name on it, which can be used as proof of onward travel plans when you travel abroad.


Provide us your name, contact information, a copy of your passport, your desired date of onward ticket, departing airport and arrival airport.


Book and pay in a matter of seconds!
After the form is submitted, and you passed through the checkout process with PayPal. You can pay by credit card only or by Paypal account. So simple it’s awesome! Your ticket is on its way.


TicketOnward is delivered to you by email. Put it on your phone or print it out. Easily done!


The solution to the unseen problem of long-term and perpetual travel: you need an onward ticket.

Most countries around the world have travel policies for tourists and other travelers. What they are looking for is a proof of onward travel. In other words, if you only have a one-way ticket and no other travel plans to present to immigration, then you might be refused entry. A dummy ticket solves the problem of the inconvenience of leaving of the country of residence and then return just to satisfy immigration policies. You simply rent a ticket for an affordable fee.

We developed Ticket Onward for you. For the clever traveller, the travel savvy, the perpetual traveller, the backpacker, the expat, the visa applicant – onward ticket is for anyone who understands the convenience of having a temporary ticket instead of buying a legitimate one and ends up going to waste. Ticket Onwards is professionally processed. Ticket Onward is valid for use within 72 hours (3 days). Please contact us if you want to have a longer duration period.


Like most travelers heading to a country you like, where you have no idea how long you are staying or where your next destination will be, renting a Ticket Onward is important. Having organized paperwork on hand is very useful when facing with an immigration officer of the host country. Ticket Onward solves the problem of presenting proof of travel


Simply provide us:

  • Title
  • Full name
  • Date of your desired onward flight
  • Your country of departure
  • Country of arrival. If left blank, we will pick one for you (recommended)

Once we received your order, we will process your information provided. We will then email you a PDF file of Ticket Onward. You can either print this file or keep it on your phone and tablet. The ticket will have a Confirmed status indicating that the itinerary has been paid in full.


This product is booked and paid for by us, it is a legitimate proof of onward ticket. It is highly recommended to book a flight where it departs long after your arrival – this will give you plenty of time for the onward ticket to be cancelled.

If you need to convert the onward ticket to a useable ticket, please contact us.

Take advantage of leaving the important work on us so you will have the freedom to do other important things while traveling!


Processing is done manually by our back office. After you sent a booking, you will be put in queue to be processed. Normally, it takes at the most 24 hours when the booking is made within our office hours: 8am to 9pm GMT/UTC + 8. We are open everyday for orders and customer support. For your convenience, urgent orders are not available at this time, please order TicketOnward a day before your flight.

As mandated by GDPR, we are discarding all of your private information upon completion of booking. Otherwise, please email us should you want to keep your information for future bookings.

Please note that onward tickets are non-refundable. For all other items, please contact us.

Please note that some airlines display names on tickets with this format: FirstNameMiddleNameTitle [space] LastName. Example, if your name is “Mr John Doe Peterson”, it may display as “JohnDoeMr Peterson” – this format totally legitimate.

Please note that when your booking has been processed and ticket has been sent to you, you are unable request for a name change. Make sure you carefully type your name correctly when booking.

On some occasions, we may be unable to find an available flight with the route you asked with our airlines. Or sometimes, the ticket is too expensive for us to pay for and we may then have to change the destination of your ticket. Example, if you book a ticket from Vietnam to Sweden and our airlines don’t offer that route, we will instead book a ticket from Vietnam to Malaysia for you, and it will still provide you a valid proof of onward travel.

Please contact us in advance if the destination of your ticket is in need of correction.

Please contact us and we will check if this is possible for you. We are able make it last as long as until 1 day before the departure date (on your onward ticket) on some routes & airlines. For example, if you’ve booked an onward ticket for June 29, 2017, we can make it last until June 28, 2017.

There are several factors to say that your ticket is valid:

  • Ticket is forwarded or sent by the airline
  • Ticket is manageable on the website of the airline and shows Paid/Confirmed After you have received your ticket, go to the airline’s website, select booking management tool which usually reads as “Manage My Booking”, “My Trip”, “My Booking”, etc… and use your booking code & your last name to login.

There is no need to put in your email address. Email is automatically collected from your paypal transaction of which is used to send the product.

 Yes. is secure. SSL certificate is verified by Let’s Encrypt. And that means any information that goes in and out of is encrypted. We use paypal to process payments and is secure also.

A 72 hour ticket means the allocated time of the rent of the ticket is at 72 hours. Once the ticket is delivered to you, you will have 72 hours to use it. It will cancel itself after that time. Once cancelled, it will no loner be a valid ticket. So please make sure to select an appropriate rental booking option which will be sufficient to make it valid at the both checkpoints (one checkpoint at the check-in counter of your departure airport, and one checkpoint at the immigration of your arrival airport).


Buying refundable tickets to use as temporary onward tickets is previously known trick by travelers. Now this is no longer recommended. Here is why:

  • Finding that refundable ticket takes a lot of your time
  • You are risking your money for paying it as an actual ticket and it is held until refunded
  • Refundable ticket is not free, Please note that when you purchase a refundable ticket, underlying fees are being taken from the original amount you purchased on; meaning agencies, airlines, bank/credit card take a cut for refunding your money.
  • When you end up on a situation where you are unable to cancel the ticket with in 24 hours. On factors like you are in a long haul flight, forgot to cancel, or unable to make a contact to cancel. You will put your money at risk.
  • Some agencies or airlines may take months to get your refund. Wasting your precious time.

Convenience is important. Ticket Onward helps you to get things right when traveling so you can spend your time and effort on other important things.

It is based on the host country’s entry requirements. A lot of host countries requires to have a flight ticket be held out to another country of which must be presented upon arrival at immigration. This is a requirement that was put in place in case of a traveller runs out of money, the host county is certain that the traveller will depart. This is to prevent travellers from remaining on the host country by supporting themselves via illegal employment, for example.

It is a proof of booked ticket originating from the country to be entered.

In case you don’t have a Paypal account, it will still offer to take in payments for non-paypal users. When you are at the payment gateway page, please select “Pay with a credit or debit card”.

With all available photo editing tools out there, it is so easy to produce one. However, we highly do not recommend it. Why? Because like you as a traveller, and many others, have had the experience of knowing the fact that immigration can easily validate a given onward ticket. They have the software to check the ticket. So imagine for a moment, that you got caught: you will be forced to buy a real ticket on the spot, get denied boarding your flight, or worse: deported. It is not worth the risk.

  • Since onward ticket is effective for 72 hours, it is recommended to book it not too early so you can use it when you actually need it.
  • It usually takes 10 minutes to 4 hours to deliver the ticket. So please try not book at the last minute whenever possible. Do not wait until you reach immigration just to order an onward ticket. Always have it with you early.
  • Our office hours are at 8am to 9pm UTC +8. Please try to book it with in these times to avoid delay.
  • If you are unsure yet of when to have the ticket delivered, you can book now and select the option: I want to receive my ticket later.
    It will enable you to set up a schedule for us to deliver the ticket to you and start the 72 hour duration at any day of your choice.

Other than proof of onward flight, we offer you to convert the reservation to a Confirmed Ticket subject to prevailing amount at the time of booking.

This type of ticket is a fully paid, actual ticket that you can use for the desired flight to use for your travels. Take note, other than basic information, it is important to provide us with the departure and arrival locations together with a copy of your passport. Once we have the information, we will email you the invoice of the total amount of the Confirmed Ticket after the processing fee. All instructions will be provided on it.

Book your Confirmation Ticket today!

  • Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, pdf, jpeg.